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Steps to reproduce:

1. Add a ConditionalFormatting to one report item (for example crosstab).

2. Select the first existing rule.

3. Click "Copy Selected Rule"

4.  Click "Paste Rules" - nothing happens.

You can also see the attached video which demonstrates the problem.

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Release 2020 R3
Because of the change made in R3 SP 2019 ( - Report parameter is now populating the valid values even if some of the passed values are invalid, the report parameter cannot accept an empty list as a valid value.
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Created by: William
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In the secure and session based environment, it may take a while to design a report. Meanwhile, the session may expire. Or even anything could happen e.g. internet loss, power loss. In that case, all of the designs that the user has made after spending a lot of hard work and time; are lost.

There should be an auto-save feature in Report Web Designer. It would be great if this is API based. e.g. AutoSave(true/false), AutoSaveInterval(seconds), etc.

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If there is a pageMode option, An error event is fired at initialization, even if no error occurred.

The problem can be reproduced with the HTML5 demo:

                    serviceUrl: "api/reports",
                    reportSource: {
                        report: "Telerik.Reporting.Examples.CSharp.ReportCatalog, CSharp.ReportLibrary",
                        parameters: {}
                    viewMode: telerikReportViewer.ViewModes.INTERACTIVE,
                    pageMode: telerikReportViewer.PageModes.SINGLE_PAGE,
                    scaleMode: telerikReportViewer.ScaleModes.SPECIFIC,
                    scale: 1.0,
                    enableAccessibility: false,
					sendEmail: { enabled: true },
					ready: function () { debugger; },
					error: function (e, args) { debugger; }

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Release 2020 R3
Facilitate the CSV Data Source initial setup or editing in Web Report Designer with a user-friendly wizard. 
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When you put controls (textbox or anything else) in the report header section and choose to hide the report header, all controls are deleted. if you did it without taking attention and start the report, you loose all the content in the report header.


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The FreezeColumnHeaders functionality doesn't behave properly when Action is set on the header. The white background color of the headers which we need to see in the viewer when the FreezeColumnHeaders property is set to True is missing. Please, check the attached project which reproduces the issue. If you reset the Action property of the ID header, then the FreezeColumnHeaders functionality works as expected.

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Created by: Kris Nobels
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Type: Feature Request


What are the future plans for reporting on .net framework ?

Currently it works on the old .net track → 4.6 but not for .net core.

.net 5.0 is planned november 2020

It would be nice that we can have this on 1 .net framework version.



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Table item or only option to add groups on the right side
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I had compare crystal report and Telerik report on rendering similar dataset. (LARGE dataset)
Crystal report renders much faster on showing the initial page (viewer) by almost 50% compare to Telerik html5 viewer. (almost 10,000 pages)
Crystal report renders much faster on generating PDF file by also 50%.
Also Crystal report telling the total page on the initial rendered page., while on Telerik report (html5 viewer) it on shows pages that are already cache (and show caching progress.) It would be nice if it show the total pages then shows in the status notification the progress of caching.

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Created by: Ken
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Type: Feature Request
We create many legal forms, which use nested ordered lists. In htmlTextBox for reporting, we'd like to apply styles like upper-alpha, lower-alpha, etc to the ol tag. Currently, the only numbering for an ol is 1, 2, 3. CSS ability to set the style at depth (like ol ol) would be best.
<li>1. text</li>
<li>2. text
  <li>a. text
          <li>i. text</li>
          <li>ii. text</li>
  <li>b. text</li>
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Release 2020 R3
The WPF Viewer displays the PageSettings menu button disabled when the viewer uses REST Service in .NET Core 3.1. When the viewer is used with service in .NET Framework or with an embedded Reporting engine, the button is enabled.
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Release 2020 R3
The default implementation of ListDefinitions() method trims slashes using hard-coded character instead of using environment-specific characters like Path.DirectorySeparatorChar, Path.AltDirectorySeparatorChar. Due to that slash the reports cannot be loaded on Linux (see image below).
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Release 2020 R3
To have a better performance would be nice to cancel report rendering automatically or manually. 
If I am asking for a big report and after I change parameters and request new report, the previous request is still in progress and it is not going to be cancelled. Therefore I see high memory consumption on continuously refreshing a reports with a big data and after some time I see complete slow down of the Reporting Service and of course slow down of the server itself. The memory in this case is not released and Reporting Service crashes sometimes.
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Release 2020 R3
Created by: Simon
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Type: Feature Request
Support to display a SVG file in the PictureBox. When viewing a report this looks fantastic and of course superb for printing.
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we changed our reporting service to .NET Core and now the Backgroundcolor for some alternating lines are not visible in HTML5 viewer.

In exported PDF they are...

I change the backgroundcolor from custom like <Style BackgroundColor="240, 240, 240" /> to <Style BackgroundColor="Control" /> which is working fine.

But i can see difference in color of HTML5 report and pdf report.

What can i do to have it working like before, i mean i want to use it like this again <Style BackgroundColor="240, 240, 240" /> if possible.

PS:We are running our service on a Linux Docker-container

Best regards