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Created on: 23 Aug 2023 13:44
Category: TreeView
Type: Feature Request
Enhancing Filtering Options for Improved Match Expansion

Request related to - https://github.com/telerik/kendo-angular/issues/3452

Currently, the default filtering mode, known as "lenient", halts its search as soon as a match is identified, showcasing all child elements of that match irrespective of their correspondence with the filter term. However, due to this design, using "lenient" mode while simultaneously auto-expanding child elements matching the filter term is not feasible.

In the "lenient" mode, the algorithm terminates its comparison upon encountering a match. Consequently, utilizing "lenient" mode along with automatic expansion of potential child matches requires switching to the "strict" filtering mode. This compels the algorithm to perform comprehensive comparisons throughout the entire tree, ensuring explicit identification and expansion of all matches.


An enhancement can be introduced by incorporating a setting that drives the algorithm to perform exhaustive comparisons even within "lenient" mode, introducing the capability to expand matches while maintaining the current operational design.