Last Updated: 26 Jul 2023 08:12 by Marcus
Created on: 10 Feb 2023 13:17
Category: TreeView
Type: Feature Request
Specify drag target

Provide an option to specify the drag target.

Currently, we can click anywhere on the item and drag it. But there are scenarios where the items should be draggable only when clicking an icon.

Posted on: 26 Jul 2023 08:12
ALL components that support drag and drop should have the same behavior/setting options (for styles, auto scroll (nearest parent), drag hint, drag handler/target, drag delay, etc.)
Posted on: 25 Jul 2023 19:05
Especially on mobile devices, scrolling in a list or tree view via touch operation can lead to unintentional drag & drop.

Even if, for example, an update of the order of the entries in the database is made automatically after the drop, this does not result in good usability for the user.