Last Updated: 24 Apr 2023 08:58 by ADMIN
Created on: 09 Feb 2023 08:09
Category: TreeList
Type: Feature Request
Allow full control customization inside CheckboxColumnComponent when using kendoTreeListCellTemplate


The current behavior allows adding of additional content, but the checkbox is always rendered inside. The behavior should be similar to the Grid as when the checkbox column is used with a cell template it doesn't render the checkbox inside the column. Example in Grid component:


    <ng-template kendoGridCellTemplate let-dataItem let-rowIndex="rowIndex">
        My content

Thank you for your consideration.

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Martin Bechev
Posted on: 24 Apr 2023 08:58

To add a bit more context on this, to be able to provide your own checkboxes inside the CellTemplate additional directive needs to be provided (similar to the Grid - SelectionCheckboxDirective).

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