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Created on: 28 Sep 2022 12:55
Category: Kendo UI for Angular
Type: Feature Request
Template for the Textbox input area

The TextBox component allows us to specify a template for the prefix and suffix areas by applying the TextBoxPrefixTemplate and TextBoxSufffixTemplate directives to an ng-template.

I would also like to able to specify a template for the actual input area itself. 

My use case for this is that I have a directive that I use within my application that I would normally apply to the <input> tag to ensure some custom processing is undertaken during user input. With the current TextBox component I am unable to do this.

Additionally I would like to specify the autocomplete attribute for the <input> tag to alow the browser to autocomplete things such as shipping-address etc. or even to disable the browser autocomplete completely by setting this to "off". Again this is not possible with the current TextBox but would be easily achievable if I could specify the template for the input area.

If this was implemented as requested I would expect my angular HTML to look something like:

   <ng-template kendoTextBoxPrefixTemplate>
       <button kendoButton look="clear" icon="image"></button>
   <ng-template kendoTextBoxInputTemplate>
       <input myDirective [autocomplete]="myValue" />
   <ng-template kendoTextBoxSuffixTemplate>
       <button kendoButton fillMode="clear" icon="calendar"></button>
       <kendo-icon name="bell"></kendo-icon>
The input template could be specified using kendoTextBoxInputDirective
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Posted on: 05 Oct 2022 09:17

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the logged feature request.

We will monitor the customer demand and consider adding it to our Roadmap based on the interest.

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