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Created on: 26 Sep 2022 09:08
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Selecting a date from third dates' column in infinite calendar (Bootstrap theme) doesn't work

You can reproduce the bug even in your documentation: Overview - DatePicker - Kendo UI for Angular (telerik.com)

  • Select the Bootstrap Theme
  • Try to select for example the 14th March 2000 the calendar goes to December 2000 (and doesn't select the date).
  • If you click slightly outside of the number, the selection works.

The problem seems to be the infinite navigation that's overlaying with that dates' columns.

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Posted on: 28 Sep 2022 12:16

Hi Mattia,

Thank you for providing instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

This is a known issue from our side, that was also reported by other customers. The problem is logged in our GitHub issue tracker here:


The fix will be available in the next release of Kendo-themes(expected 17 October). The fix is already available in the developer version of the Kendo Themes:


If an immediate solution is needed, one can resolve this bug using the z-index property:

.k-calendar-navigation {
    z-index: 1;

Here's a quick StackBlitz demo showing the modified behavior:


I hope the provided information helps.

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