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Created on: 06 Jul 2022 21:20
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Grid ResizeChange Event

Hi Team,

I would like to request a new event for the Kendo UI Grid which will determine when the Grid has been resized in height.  Right now, I have created a custom directive which uses the changeNotification property to handle when the scrollbar is shown.  But it would be nice if there was something built in.


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Posted on: 13 Jul 2022 07:34

Hi Luca,

In general, the Grid height is determined by the number of records inside the Grid, changing the height property, or resizing the browser window (for which it has its own event). I would also recommend checking out the following documentation on conditional scrolling where the developer can determine when the Grid is scrollable:


May I ask you for additional information about the use case scenario like, when is expected for such event to be fired (action from the user)? 

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