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[PivotGrid] Excel Export
How to export data as excel using pivot grid in angular.
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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Posted on: 06 Jul 2022 13:59

Hi Chiranjeevi,

At this time, PivotGrid doesn't have built-in Excel or PDF export functionality, the PivotGrid is new and in the beta phase (which means we're actively adding more features). Therefore, I have converted this Support Ticket into a Feature Request.

The Kendo Angular dev team will update this item when there is more information to share as the PivotGrid's development continues.

General Excel Exporting

In the meantime, if you want to create an Excel file from your OLAP data source, you will need to manually create it using Excel Export => Overview - Excel Export - Kendo UI for Angular (telerik.com).

Note that you will need 2D data in order to create rows and columns that the Excel document needs. We do not have any examples showing you how to flatten 3D/OLAP data into a 2D table structure, you can probably find examples online in StackOverflow (example 1).

Once you do have your 3D data -> 2D data transform logic, you can follow these instructions to create the Excel document from the 2D data. Excel Export Component Getting Started.

Lance | Manager Technical Support
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