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Created on: 28 Jun 2022 15:34
Category: Kendo UI for Angular
Type: Feature Request
Scheduler Recurrence editor numeric input fields, zeros default to ones

The Scheduler recurrence editor numeric inputs automatically change leading 0 inputs via keydown or pasting to 1's or empty values. 


Extend the ability to disable the mandatory autocorrection for all recurrence editor inputs so any numeric value can be entered.



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Posted on: 05 Jul 2022 13:41

Hi Connor,

Thank you for the provided feedback.

The auto-correction of the Repeat every field could be disabled, by setting the autoCorrect option of the repeatEveryOptions property to false:

<kendo-recurrence-editor [formControl]="formGroup.get('recurrenceRule')" 
                        [repeatEveryOptions]="{autoCorrect: false, format:'n0'}">

Here is an example where 08 could be entered without automatically switching the numbers.

However, it is expected behavior to change the value without the leading zero once the input is blurred since 08 is not a valid number for the field. 

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