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Created on: 05 Apr 2022 10:31
Category: Kendo UI for Angular
Type: Bug Report
Grid virtualscroll breaks with search/details row

  1. If a detail row is expanded, the entire virtual scroll fails - showing whitespace/not loading new data once you scroll enough to trigger pagination/new dataset load. It remains broken even after collapsing the details row.
  2. Scroll down and filter - you see white area. You need to scroll until it triggers data load to fix it.
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Posted on: 12 Apr 2022 10:23

Hi Mauro,

Thank you for the provided details.

The undesired behavior is caused due to the data being manually updated. In this case, the directive skip property should be set to 0 when manually filtering the data:

export class AppComponent {
  @ViewChild(GroupBindingDirective) dir: GroupBindingDirective;

  public applyFilter(value: any): void {
    this.gridData = filterBy(, {
      logic: 'and',
      filters: [
          field: 'firstName',
          operator: 'contains',
          ignoreCase: true,

    this.dir.skip = 0;

Here is an updated example demonstrating that suggestion:

I hope this helps.

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