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Created on: 02 Feb 2022 12:05
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Type: Feature Request
Enter key press is not working for kendo-upload button with JAWS tool due to tabindex - 1 is there for input tag

Change the tabindex of input tag from - 1 to 0. So that enter key press will work with screen reader tools.

Alt+Enter is working but screen reader reading like "To activate press Enter".

To reproduce :

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Posted on: 09 Feb 2022 08:52

Hello Revathi,

Thank you for the provided screenshot.

For the records, as described in more detail in this issue comment, some screen readers themselves provide keyboard navigation which overrides the keyboard navigation of the components.

Setting role="application" to the Upload does not seem to change the built-in navigation of the arrows.

The mentioned <input /> element in fact does not receive the focus when tabbing through the component. That is why by default the tabindex property is set to -1 and up to now, we don't have intentions to change that behavior.

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