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Created on: 26 Mar 2021 11:04
Category: ToolBar
Type: Feature Request
Add configuration of the kendo-dropdownbutton data in markup

Please make it possible to define the children of the kendo-toolbar-dropdownbutton in html.

It makes the using of the kendo-toolbar-dropdownbutton much easier.

Translation (i18n), Observables (asyn), additional directives are supported in markup but must be added with additional effort in code.



    <kendo-toolbar-dropdownbutton [text]="'Paste Variations'">
        <kendo-toolbar-button [text]="'Paste'" i18n-text (click)="onClick($event)" [disabled]="canPast$|async === false"></kendo-toobar-button>
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Posted on: 02 Apr 2021 08:51

Hi Markus,

Thank you for the provided feedback.

In general the kendo-toolbar-dropdownbutton is a component which is based on the DropDownButton under the hood. Thus I will change the title and product of this feature request accordingly.

Indeed, allowing to add child kendo-button components to kendo-dropdownbutton or kendo-splitbutton would be a nice addition to the current implementation. We will track the provided customer demand for this feature request and eventually add it to our future development plans. Thank you for the provided feedback once again.

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