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Created on: 25 Mar 2021 16:44
Category: Charts
Type: Feature Request
Change background color of area chart at different threshold

I need to change the background of an area chart at certain values. 

I want to display critical threshold. It could be like in the attached photo with some gradient but normal color blocks or even just some straight lines at the thresholds would be okay. Is there any option to achiev something like that?

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Posted on: 01 Apr 2021 11:15

Hi Susanne,

Thank you for the logged feature request.

Indeed at the moment there doesn't seem to an option that allows setting a gradient background to the series area. Unfortunately there isn't a suitable workaround that I could suggest as well. Thus we will track the demand for this feature request and consider adding it to our future development plans.

In order to indicate some specific point in the chart the Note elements could be used:


In case further information is required for this case could I ask you to open a private support thread so that we can further clarify the requirement and try to suggest something else. Thank you.

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