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Created on: 19 Mar 2021 12:00
Category: MultiColumnComboBox
Type: Feature Request
Create a MultiColumn MultiSelect component

The multi column combo box is great to show users some more details (and it looks better than simple select fields).

Feature request: Add option "multiSelect: boolean"

Expected behavior:

* Users can select multiple values

* Selected values are visualized as chips (same behavior as existing MultiSelect component)

* To select an item, users open the dropdown multiple times and select one item to add to list of selected items


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Dimiter Topalov
Posted on: 26 Mar 2021 07:50

Hello Christoph,

Thank you for this feature request.

The ComboBox holds a single value by design and this is why we have a dedicated MultiSelect component.

I changed the title accordingly, and we will track the customer demand here, and consider adding such a component to our future plans based on the interest.

Meanwhile developers can use the Item template to display the respective data item properties in separate columns:



Dimiter Topalov
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