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Created on: 02 Mar 2020 14:00
Category: Calendar
Type: Bug Report
Calendar activeViewDateChange event not working properly

When you implement the activeViewDateChange and scroll through the calendar, the event is properly triggered.

But when you navigate through the calendar using the month navigation, this event is only triggered(multiple times) when you skip at least 1 month

Sample code - Kendo event sample code:



Current month: Januari

Next month: Februari

Expectation: (activeDateChange: 1-2-2020)

Result: - / not triggered

Current month: Januari

Next month: June

Expectation: (activeDateChange: 1-6-2020)

Result: (activeDateChange - 1-5-2020), (activeDateChange - 1-6-2020) / event triggered twice

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Posted on: 09 Mar 2020 08:58

Hello Maikel,

The activeViewDateChange event will be fired every time the virtual list of dates is changed. To ensure smooth scrolling, several months are loaded. And which months are loaded is dependent on the specific scroll. When the currently loaded list is not changed, no event is fired even though you have selected the next month.

There are no plans to change the current behavior, although the event working mechanism is not very intuitive and not too useful in many scenarios.

Instead, we plan on adding a scroll event that will give you specific data which are the currently visible dates. You can track the enhancement status here.

If further information on the topic is required, make sure to write back.

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