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Created on: 10 Feb 2020 18:41
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Dashtypes in Chart

Hi Telerik,


Is there way to have more configuration options on chart series DashTypes? For example, we'd like to use just dash (no dot), but with the capability of configuring how long the solid/white parts are. Currently, we are limited to 2 options: dash and longDash. We'd like to have more, e.g.,

1, _________  ____________  _____________

2, ______  _______  _______  _______  _______

3, ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___ 

4, __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __ 

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Posted on: 11 Feb 2020 12:58

Hi Teddy,

Thank you for pointing out the required property.

Indeed, at the moment there isn't such feature available that would allow to set the length of the dash. However it represents a possible enhancement and thus I converted this ticket to be a public feature request. That will allow other clients to vote for it and we will be able to track the demand for it accordingly. That will further help us to plan our future development plans based on the provided customer demand.

Indeed, using the Drawing API will allow to draw the line in any custom shape. However such implementation would require a decent amount of custom logic for the implementation that isn't supported as a built-in feature. What could be done is to store the points of each marker of the Grid and then on (render) event of the Grid to draw the desired line. Here is a sample demonstrating how a custom line could be drawn following this approach:

Indeed, the Path can be further split into several shorter paths in order to look as desired, but determining the sub points where the dashes for each Path should stop and begin doesn't seem to be a straightforward task for implementation. Thus it looks like there isn't a workaround that could be achieved for such case and waiting for a built-in feature seems the way to go for this case.

Thank you for the provided feedback once again.

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