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Created on: 27 Jan 2020 13:37
Category: Sortable
Type: Feature Request
Performance: Keep dom on data updates

When updating data input of Kendo Sortable component, it currently destroys and re-renders dom for all items. That leads to "flickering" view and bad performance.


// pseudocode

@Component(template: <kendo-sortable [data]="data"></kendo-sortable>)
class MyComponent {
  data = [obj1, obj2, … obj200];

  updateData() {
    this.data = [...this.data];


When I call updateData() sortable dom should not be modified. All items are the same (same object reference) and so angular should keep the dom.

Current behavior

When I call updateData() kendo Sortable will destroy the dom and re-render all items.


The reason seems to be, that SortableComponent maps all items to an internal _localData array that adds a container element to each item. These container elements are always new objects and so Angular *ngFor will re-render everything. There's also no option to provide a custom trackBy callback.

Our scenario: We use kendo Sortable for a field mapping component that allows users to map CSV files to our database structure. Every user interaction will lead to a new array of mappings and so... every user input leads to a full re-rendering of some 100 form rows now... 

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Posted on: 03 Feb 2020 12:44

Hi Christoph,

Thank you for the provided feedback.

Indeed, that would be a valuable addition to the Sortable component. We will track the demand for such feature and consider adding it to our future development plans.

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