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Created on: 09 Jan 2020 14:17
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Dropdownlist Datasource Filtering


we want to show filtered data in the options list of the dropdown component and request a feature, to provide a filter callback function or the possiblity to pass different data sources to the component.

The use case is, that the dropdown should show existing values but when opening the dropdown list, the user should only be able to select a subset of the data source. Yes there is the possibility to disable items, but we want to complete hide them as a choice.

Currently we apply the workaround to filter the data on the open event and reset the data on the close event but we think, that this can be a common feature for the dropdown list.


Thank you!

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Posted on: 16 Jan 2020 12:09

Hi Julian,

Thank you for the provided feedback.

In general, the DropDownList component can be passed a new data set at any time regardless of the filtering functionality.  For example, the initial data passed to the DropDownList can contain only a subset of the complete data set. Then when the filtering is initialized, at (open) or (close) events or at any other stage the data can be changed by passing a new array to the [data] input property of the DropDownList. Thus we believe that the current implementation allows to achieve any custom scenario which requires the data to be changed at any point.

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