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Created on: 16 Oct 2019 19:52
Category: DatePicker
Type: Feature Request
Ability to customize header without being part of the level button

Right now, I can provide a template for the header but that includes the whole template as part of the button to go up a level.

Ideally I want to be able to add a button next to TODAY for custom date calculation

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Posted on: 23 Oct 2019 08:22

Hi Musashi,

Thank you for the logged feature request.

In general, the template allows adding any custom implementation based on the specifics of the use-case scenario. About this case, the default action of the button, located within a kendoCalendarHeaderTitleTemplate, can be avoided by stopping the propagation of the generic (click) event as demonstrated in the following example:

That allows the developer to add any custom logic. In case further assistance is required for the implementation of a specific scenario please open a separate private ticket. Thank you.

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