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Created on: 22 Jul 2019 09:58
Category: Charts
Type: Bug Report
[chart] hide/show tooltip on shift-key down/up

When the chart is configured to use the selection zoom. One must press the Shift-Key and select an area inside the chart to zoom.

I the chart shows tooltips, in most cases the tooltip pops up under the cursor and it is not possible to select an area.

The tooltip shoud be disabled, when the shift-key (or the configured key) is pressed inside the chart area.

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Posted on: 29 Jul 2019 07:11
Hi Markus,

Thank you for the provided feedback. Indeed, that would be a valuable addition to the Charts module.

I converted this feature request ticket to be an enhancement issue in our public GitHub repository where its progress can be tracked:

Let me know in case I can provide any further assistance about Kendo UI for Angular.

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