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Created on: 22 May 2019 19:53
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Issue with Embed elements inside a KendoWindow Component

I found an issue with the kendo-window component. Sometimes when you have a window component with an embed element inside it and you start dragging the window and then click inside the embed element (In the example a PDF viewer), after that you click again in the window’s title bar the window is stuck in the dragging state and it keeps following the mouse pointer even when you already release the mouse button.

It is an odd behavior and we need to know how to stop this, but without disabling the dragging functionality for the kendo-windo.

Here is the repro-case in stackblitz:

Perhaps you need to try clicking over several times in order to reproduce this behavior.

The problem is that in our application the pointer position remains inside the embed element and we can’t click the title-bar again to release the dragging mode.

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Dimiter Madjarov
Posted on: 29 May 2019 14:03
Hello William,

Indeed this would be the expected behavior of the Window component with the current implementation, because the touchend event (which would stop the dragging) is never fired, as the mouse enters the embed element. As a workaround I would suggest to add a transparent overlay element over the content of the Window while it is being dragged and remove it when the drag is over. I have demonstrated the behavior in the following example (the red border is there just for debug purposes).

However even with this workaround, if the mouse is moved over the embed element really quickly, the overlay will not yet be visible. This is why I will log the behavior for further testing on our end, so we could eventually implement the overlay element out of the box. Thank you for the understanding.

Dimiter Madjarov
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