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Created on: 26 Apr 2019 14:04
Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Feature Request
Kendo editor Angular feature to paste image such as signature and option to resize image from editor, and font color toolbar

Hi Team,

Could you please add feature for Kendo Editor in angular -

  1. Paste image such as signature.
  2. Able to resize image using mouse select rather than from the image toolbar.
  3. Need toolbar for font color.



Posted on: 29 Jul 2019 09:48
Hi Avinash,

I will answer in the same order of your questions.

1. Currently, there is no built-in functionality that allows us to paste an image as a signature. In general, we can upload images through the built-in "Insert image" toolbar tool:

or we can utilize the Kendo Upload component to insert local images. Please, check the following 'How to' article:

2. About the resizing, currently we can set the dimensions of the image only before the image is uploaded.

3. In general there is a built-in option to set the font color (and background color) in Editor component. Here is an example demonstrating this in action:

I also noticed that your Trial license is expired. If you would like to discuss renewing your license, please let me know and I will be happy to connect you with a product specialist. The following article demonstrates the available Kendo licenses:

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Posted on: 22 Jul 2019 12:13

Hi team,

Any update on the above request.