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Created on: 29 Mar 2019 12:25
Category: DatePicker
Type: Feature Request
Provide Quarterly Frequency in DatePicker control
Please provide us with the possibility to have a quarterly view in DatePicker. See your official example for jQuery controls.
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Dimiter Topalov
Posted on: 05 Apr 2019 06:38
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for submitting this feature request. However, the linked Kendo UI for jQuery demo is a sample custom implementation, relying on DOM manipulations for making some months looking disabled that is not suitable to the Kendo UI for Angular components. You can also confirm that the jQuery solution does not prevent the user from selecting a "disabled" month via the keyboard (navigate to February with the arrow keys and press Enter).

The Kendo UI for Angular DatePicker (and Calendar) components have min and max properties that allow for setting a range of valid dates (all rest dates, months, etc. will not be rendered in the respective view):

You can also support and track the following feature request for adding the opportunity for "disabled" dates in the DatePicker:

We will decline this feature request for the reasons outlined above, but please submit a support ticket, if you need assistance with a custom implementation - describe the exact desired functionality and layout, and we will try to suggest a solution best suitable to the specific use case.

Dimiter Topalov
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