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Clint Singer
Created on: 15 Mar 2019 21:37
Category: Splitter
Type: Feature Request
Customize Splitter look and feel

It would be great if there was some way to customize the complete look and feel of the splitter control. 

I would think this would be possible via a custom template, similar to how one does a cell template for the grid control.



Posted on: 13 Jul 2021 06:10

Hi Clint,

We are declining this request due to low interest and insufficient description of the feature request.

Yanmario Menev
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Dimiter Topalov
Posted on: 22 Mar 2019 07:07
Hello Clint,

As the Splitter component already provides the developer with a full control over the content and settings of each Splitter pane (unlike the Grid where the developer needs to provide the customized cell content via templates only), we are not sure what is the desired functionality (that is not already available):

All desired DOM elements and custom components with their respective content and styling can be provided in each Pane component within the respective kendo-splitter-pane tag:

<kendo-splitter-pane size="200px" min="5%">
            <h3>Left pane</h3>
            <p>Minimum size of 5%</p>

Can you please describe the desired feature in further details alongside some sample use case it might be useful for, so we can gain a better understanding about it? Thank you in advance.

Dimiter Topalov
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