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Created on: 25 Feb 2019 11:44
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Grid column re order does not scrolls to direction if need to move beyond page width.

Hello Team,

When in Kendo-Grid for Angular there more columns then that fits in the page, we get a horizontal scroll.

If i apply reordering of columns and try to move one to any direction.

1. If the columns need to be moved on same visible section, it does moves perfectly.

2. but if i want to move something beyond the visible section, i can't as the scrolling does not work automatically, either i need to use Keyboard to move scroll bar which in case users needs to be trained or is not user friendly or i need to it in parts.


Please help us to include feature to auto scroll when we move columns



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Posted on: 04 Mar 2019 07:35
Hi Anshule,

Thank you for the logged feature request. Indeed, at the moment such feature is not supported by the grid. We will track the demand for this feature request and eventually provide the functionality in a future release. Check the following feature request, that is on the same topic:

You may also vote for it.

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