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Created on: 12 Jan 2019 17:41
Category: Window
Type: Feature Request
WindowService / WindowSettings: "stay in front" option

Requested feature:

A new options "stayInFront" / "alwaysTop" for WindowService > WindowSettings.

                title: 'Details',
                content: MyDetailsWindowComponent,
                stayInFront: true // < requested feature


  • if true, the window is always "on top", that means if we open another window with "stayInFront=false" it will be behind the window with "stayInFront=true".
  • if multiple windows are open with stayInFront=true they will keep the order in which they were opened


  • We have a grid of records, where a record is a "pipeline configuration" that allows users to edit pipeline steps ("nodes").
  • When the user clicks on a record, we open an "edit pipeline" window.
  • Inside the "edit pipeline window" we have list of "nodes" and the user can click "edit" on each node. This will open a second window containing details to the selected node.

Current problem:

If both windows are open, the user can click on the first (a big one) and this will be moved to front and hide the "node details" window. That makes no sense but we cannot use a dialog because users should be able to select a different node (in the first window).




Posted on: 16 Jun 2022 08:57

Hi Christoph,

We are declining this request due to low interest and demand.



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Posted on: 21 Jan 2019 06:41
Hi Christoph,

Thank you for the logged feature request.

Indeed, that would be a valuable addition to the Kendo Ui for Angular suite. We will track the demand for the issue and eventually provide it in a future release.

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