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Created on: 22 Aug 2018 14:31
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Smarter Grid multi check filter
In a Kendo grid, Angular/MVC/JS/Whatever;
When using multi check filter.
Only show those values that are still useful to filter on!!!

When filtering is done(one to many columns) - ONLY the remaining options should be seen when setting the NEXT filter (not all possible values in the database) of course distinct and sorted

(the grid could have an option of doing it this way or the old way)


let's say we have 5 numbers of categories, each category have 20 different details.

when filtering is set on one category, then when filtering on details - only the 20 remaining details should be seen, not 100(5*20)

and vice verse, if filtering one detail - only one category should be seen when filtering on category.

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Posted on: 22 Aug 2018 15:15
Just, this would be a really smart filter!