Last Updated: 22 Jun 2021 14:32 by ADMIN
Created on: 07 Dec 2016 02:25
Category: Sortable
Type: Feature Request
Sortable - have a dedicated shared content placeholder
I'm currently stuck at v12.1 of the Layout module, because there are some breaking changes after that that doesn't allow me to add elements between the tab titles and the tab content.

        Static stuff that will be displayed for every tab, between the tab title and content.


This is working in v12.1, but not after that. In the newest version, the "static elements" are ignore/removed from the HTML.

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Martin Bechev
Posted on: 22 Jun 2021 14:32

Hi Maxime,

We are declining this request due to low interest and demand. If it turns to be popular in the future we will reconsider the status.

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