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Created on: 19 Oct 2016 14:08
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Custom implementation of components like kendo-grid-column
We would like to have the possibilty to create custom implementation of grid columns (or any other control/component). Because we also have this in our WPF projects and it was very useful to minimize the redundant code and also the "initialization code". This can't be done in a simple template, for example we need to inject services and get data etc..

In our WPF project have lots of different grids with values related to units. The cell can convert this unit to and other unit itself, it can localize the texts, it shows the information in some kind of "progress bar", has a tooltip, etc... And all we have to do in the code is to set a column like this <custom-column valueField="test" unitField="test2" />.

It would be great to have this feature in the Angular 2 grid as well.
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Posted on: 17 Jan 2018 17:38
One more example: I wanted to create a custom "action column" that opens a small popup on mouse over containing a few "quick action buttons" and a menu on click with all actions. This column should work the same in all our grids. For now we have to copy and paste a lot of code...