Last Updated: 25 Jun 2019 16:29 by Ingo
Created on: 13 Oct 2016 16:16
Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Feature Request
Gantt Chart Component
Modeled after the jQuery widget:
Posted on: 25 Jun 2019 16:29
A native Angular Gantt chart would be really useful for us as well.
Posted on: 26 Mar 2019 15:53
It will be really cool if we can use Gantt chart in Angular
Imported User
Posted on: 23 Apr 2018 17:54
Would like to be able to use the Gantt Chart and Scheduler component in some upcoming and existing Angular 2 projects.
Imported User
Posted on: 06 Mar 2017 18:30
Hi, we are planning to start a major development project involving a gantt chart. In the same time, we are working on a migration from angular 1 to angular 2. We like the features that we get with your classic Gantt chart so it might be a way forward for us but for now you do not have angular 2 support. Our options is to do something by our self, to do it using your gantt and angular 1 or to wait until you have built the angular 2 support. Bur we of curse do not want to wait too long. I know that it is difficult for you to estimate when it will be in the product but can you give me your best guess?