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Created on: 05 Jul 2022 18:22
Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Feature Request
Image Editor, PDF Viewer, SignaturePage in MAUI
We really need these three components to migrate to MAUI. I cant see them in the RoadMap either - 


Can you give me a rough timeline when these would be available for MAUI? 




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Lance | Senior Manager Technical Support
Posted on: 05 Jul 2022 19:40

Hi Manish,

We cannot promise exact timeframes for features, but rest assured we are working as hard as possible to bring as many components over to UI for MAUI (even if you don't see specific details on the roadmap).

Roughly speaking, you can use the general release timeframes as a top level framework of when new things are available:

  • We have 3 major releases a year that occur every 4 months (e.g., R1 2022, R2 2022, R3 2022... these typically happen in January, May and Sept).
  • In between those major release, we have a minimum for 3 Minor service pack releases (e.g., R1 2022 SP1, R2 2022 SP1, R3 2022 SP1... these typically happen within a month or two after the Major release).
  • Sometimes, we'll have additional service pack release. In which case the SP number increases (e.g., R1 2022 SP2).

Even knowing that high level timeframe, we cannot promise specific releases for certain features and controls.. This is why you usually won't see a promised release for the roadmap, because platform changes can cause a delay or we might be needing to wait for a platform SDK feature to move forward. This is even more pertinent with .NET MAUI right now because of the moving fundamentals in the .NET MAUI platform itself being still a bit early in the life of the framework.


That being said, let me get right to your specific requests. Since we cannot track multiple items in the same feedback portal item, I have created separate Feature Requests for you on the other items:

  • PdfViewer =>  PDF Viewer (telerik.com) we are already tracking this, please click the 'Follow' button 
    • I have added and upvote for you, click the Follow button to get notified of status updates. we will change the status to "In development" when it has been started.
  • SignaturePad => SignaturePad (telerik.com) 
    • You stated "SignaturePage" but I think you meant SignaturePad, If you meant something different please let me know and I'll update the item.
  • ImageEditor => ImageEditor (telerik.com)

Note: You do not need to Follow those last two items because your account created them. You will be notified when the status changes and when any engineer responds.


Although I was not able to give you dates to look forward to, I hope this information is useful enough to begin with. I have also asked the PM for any additional information I might be able to share here. If there is anything else I can add, I will reply again here.

The best thing for you to do is make sure you're following those individual feature requests so you can be immediately notified when the status changes or a reply a is posted.

Lance | Manager Technical Support
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