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Created by: Stephen
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Category: SignaturePad
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Hi Team,

I need to be able to save and reload the user's signature into the SignaturePad. Currently the control doesn't let you access the vector data from the user' strokes, so I am forced to always save the signature as an image.

If you expose the underlying vectors, say in the StrokeCompleted event, then I could save the vector data to a file. Then I could re-load that vector data directly back into the SignaturePad.

Thank you,


Last Updated: 10 Mar 2023 11:04 by Aaron Abdis

The signatures are stored in the database as a string, representing the point data of all the lines in the signature.
For example, something like 


Where the string is line-data separated by "/", and the line data is x,y point data separated by semi-colons. 

We don't need the component to present the data exactly that way... we can take care of formatting it how we need, as long as the component exposes a way to get the point and line data.