Last Updated: 30 Nov 2023 14:13 by Bernd

When you add Telerik .NET MAUI controls that use icons, such as ComboBox, AutoComplete, etc, there are font-related exceptions in the output.

Although the exceptions do not affect the behavior and appearance of the controls, they make the output hard to read.

Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 17:39 by ADMIN
Release 5.2.0
The Loaded event of the Content and the Loaded events of the views inside the Content are not raised when the popup is shown.
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Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 14:38 by ADMIN
If a RadComboBox is used as an ItemTemplate for a ListView or CollectionView on MacCatalyst, the application crashes every time you attempt to open the dropdown with the following exception:

System.InvalidOperationException: Event registration is overwriting existing delegate. Either just use events or your own delegate: Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Handlers.Items.ReorderableItemsViewDelegator`2[Microsoft.Maui.Controls.ReorderableItemsView,Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Handlers.Items.ReorderableItemsViewController`1[Microsoft.Maui.Controls.ReorderableItemsView]] UIKit.UIScrollView+_UIScrollViewDelegate
   at UIKit.UIApplication.EnsureEventAndDelegateAreNotMismatched(Object del, Type expectedType)
   at UIKit.UIScrollView.EnsureUIScrollViewDelegate()
   at UIKit.UIScrollView.add_Scrolled(EventHandler value)
   at Telerik.Maui.Controls.RadPopup.SetPopupIsOpen(Boolean value)
   at Telerik.Maui.Controls.RadPopup.UpdatePopup()
Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 11:53 by Lars
If we have a TreeView control inside a Popup, and the TreeView is operated with a finger, everything works perfectly.
However, if there is interaction with the treeview items with a stylus (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6), the app crashes regularly.
Last Updated: 27 Nov 2023 16:36 by Jason

when adding a RadButton in a Vertical Stack and the button has icon by using the font image source, the icon and button are not displayed. If you add height to the button, then it works.


1) Set the icon directly to the Button Text

2) Keep the font image source but set a height to the button

3) Use MAUI button. 

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2023 15:16 by Kevin
Release 6.5.0
After dynamically setting SelectedItems on a multi select RadComboBox, it renders out all the items instead of showing the collapsed tokens view.  I believe this is because RadComboBox.HideTokens is not getting called in this situation.
Last Updated: 27 Nov 2023 15:12 by Robert

Since migrating to MAUI .NET8 GA 8.0.3 (and Telerik 6.5) - on iOS the RadListView keeps repeatedly triggering the defined LoadOnDemand command to get more items even though list has not been scrolled by user. 

the behavior is valid for the command, event and collection and when automatic load on demand mode is used. 


When using manual mode, it works as expected.

Last Updated: 25 Nov 2023 21:09 by Alistair

If a "long" placeholder value is set when the user selects a few of the items from the multi-select combobox and taps off of the combobox, the combobox is left displaying extra whitespace below.

Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023 16:19 by ADMIN

I tested Android and iOS only. Other platforms i cannot test at the moment.


Given the following implementation of the Combobox i observ different behaviour if the bound item is a enum or a class.

<telerik:RadComboBox x:Name="a"
                     ItemsSource="{Binding CloudProviders}"
                     SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedCloudProvider}"
            <Grid HeightRequest="40"
                <Label Text="{Binding Title}"
                       TextColor="{DynamicResource DisabledTextColor}"
                       FontSize="14" />
            <Grid HeightRequest="40"
                <Label Text="{Binding Title}"
                       TextColor="{DynamicResource DisabledTextColor}"
                       FontSize="14" />


If the Itemssource is a Array of a enum type it works as intended.

If the Itemssource is a Array of classes the initial selected display member is not visible. The moment i tap into the closed combobox, the selected member is visible.


The attached screenshots show the page after loading and after touching into the white area(combobox) once.


For Localization and more details, we want to use classes. Is this a bug or do we have a issue in our code here?


Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023 14:36 by Giuliano
The iOS app loads a long time when the "IsItemsReorderEnabled" property is set to true and the screen orientation is changed while staying on the page.
Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023 13:09 by Webtoools
Exception in a very custom scenario and GroupHeaderTemplate usage. 
filtering the ListView by using additional buttons, and bindable filter descriptors
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Last Updated: 22 Nov 2023 16:48 by ADMIN
Created by: Nico
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report

When updating to .net8 the following snippet doesn't work with target net8 (maui 8.0.3). Same works with net7 (up to 7.101).
Stops me from targeting net8.

            BackgroundColor="{AppThemeBinding Dark={StaticResource ListElementColorDark},
                                              Light={StaticResource ListElementColorLight}}"
            IsVisible="{Binding CanSearchMore}">
            <telerik:RadBorder Padding="8,10" Style="{StaticResource ListItemContainer}">
                <Label HorizontalOptions="Start" Text="{Binding SearchMoreText}" />
                <TapGestureRecognizer Command="{Binding SearchMoreCommand}" />

1. TapGestureRecognizer: Command is not executed / Click not detected
2. Style: Having a PointerOver in "ListItemContainer" works with net7. Doesn't work with net8

Need More Info
Last Updated: 22 Nov 2023 12:10 by ADMIN

When programatically trying to add an item to RadComboBox.SelectedItems (in multiple selection mode) similar to this answer, we get an ArgumentOutOfRangeException on iOS.  It works fine on Android.


The stack trace is strange:

[0:] {"@t":"2023-11-15T20:53:41.1123080Z","@mt":"Unhandled Exception","@l":"Fatal","@x":"System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. (Parameter 'index')
   at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.Double, System.Private.CoreLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7cec85d7bea7798e]].get_Item(Int32 index)
   at Telerik.Maui.RadWrapLayoutManager.ArrangeChildren(Rect bounds)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Layout.CrossPlatformArrange(Rect bounds)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Platform.MauiView.CrossPlatformArrange(Rect bounds)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Platform.MauiView.LayoutSubviews()
   at UIKit.UIApplication.UIApplicationMain(Int32 argc, String[] argv, IntPtr principalClassName, IntPtr delegateClassName) in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/1/s/xamarin-macios/src/UIKit/UIApplication.cs:line 58
   at UIKit.UIApplication.Main(String[] args, Type principalClass, Type delegateClass) in /Users/builder/azdo/_work/1/s/xamarin-macios/src/UIKit/UIApplication.cs:line 94
   at TeamDynamix.Mobile.WorkManagement.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\\git\\enterprise\\mobile-app\\TeamDynamix.Mobile.WorkManagement\\Platforms\\iOS\\Program.cs:lin
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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 12:47 by ADMIN

Programmatic item selection does not work from 6.3.0 version. It works in 6.2.0

When setting the SelectedItem programmatically, selection is not respected in the UI. 

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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 08:47 by ADMIN
There would be a blank space on the left side of DataGrid when the user keeps double clicking (editing) on different cells quickly.
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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 07:52 by ADMIN
Currently when a cell is edited, the underlying value is updated on every change, make it possible to update the underlying value when the edit is committed.
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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 07:51 by ADMIN
I auto select the text in cell once the cell is in edit mode and SelectionOnFocus is set to SelectAll in the RadEntry element inside the CellEditTemplate. I have a timer that updates other columns value but not the value in the editable cell. Still the selection is lost when row data changes.  
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Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023 11:33 by ADMIN
Created by: Jon
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Category: ComboBox
Type: Bug Report
Null Reference exception is thrown when using Native embedding.
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023 10:33 by Karim
Setting TextHorizontalOptions of the DataGridColumnHeaderStyle  to "Center" takes no effect.
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Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023 09:07 by ADMIN
Created by: Tinus
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Category: DataGrid
Type: Bug Report

Dynamic change of the IsEnabled property of the RadDataGrid does not affect the RowDetails, leaving the UI inconsistent.

In my case, the RadDataGrid is disabled initially (IsEnabled=False). Some data is loaded in the DataGrid. At runtime I set the IsEnabled property of the DataGrid to true. I am then able to expand row details. The issue is that the view in the row details has the IsEnabled property set to false.

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