Last Updated: 18 Oct 2023 14:01 by ADMIN

I want to change the ButtonToolbarItem Tooltip to an other value then the Text-Property value.

Style ButtonToolbarItemView
<Setter Property="ToolTipProperties.Text" Value="..." /> 



both have no effect. Tooltip keeps showing the Text value

Last Updated: 18 Sep 2023 09:17 by Nico

Currently, the ButtonToolbarItemView supports the following visual states:

  • Normal
  • Disabled
  • Selected
  • PointerOver

There is no visual state to indicate that the button is currently in a Pressed state. Implementing this visual state would be beneficial when styling the toolbar item.

Last Updated: 20 Jul 2023 09:22 by ADMIN
The bug can be reproduced easily with a Toolbar containing many items. When the overflow area contains more items that can fit the Page, it gets clipped out and is not scrollable. This makes it impossible to click on certain items, which is a significant usability issue.
Last Updated: 20 Jul 2023 08:41 by ADMIN

Control: RadToolbar
OverflowMode: DropDown

If there are too many OverflowItems which doesn't fit on the screen/available space, then the List of OverflowItems should scroll.
Current behaviour: Items are truncated / invisible