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Release 7.0.0 (2024 Q2)

When binding StringFormat to a NumericInput and the Format is set (or changed) after the value is set, the value is not displayed in the correct format. Only if you click inside the NumericInput and then leave it, the value is displayed with the correct format. But that’s not working for a read-only NumericInput.

In Development
Last Updated: 13 May 2024 06:35 by ADMIN
When I have an initial value of null the increase / decrease buttons never enable even after I type a value into the control.  If I have a non-null value then the buttons are always enabled and work correctly. 
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2024 06:30 by Hanoch
Having a property in the NumericInput that could toggle decimal to whole numbers would be a good improvement to the control.
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Release 6.5.0
When a double value is entered and the first sign is the separator the cursor position is not accurate when the value is parsed. For example if you try to type .123 the end result will be 0.213.
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Release 6.3.0
When the text is selected and the separator sign is pressed the text is deleted instead of entering the separator.
Last Updated: 05 Jul 2023 19:37 by devon
Created by: devon
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Feature Request

Hi Team,

This is a request to add a SelectionLength property to the RadNumericInput.

The inner NumericInputEntry already has a SelectionLength property, I suppose you can just add an extra BindableProperty to the RadNumericInput that connects to it.



Last Updated: 17 Apr 2023 12:23 by PalmSens
Created by: PalmSens
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report
Trying to enter by typing "10,99" leads to the numeric input showing "1099" value when the application is running on a machine with a Netherlands region set.
Last Updated: 07 Mar 2023 06:16 by Hanoch
Currently the option for validating the value is on PropertyChanged. In case when minimum value is set, you cannot edit the value with typing. For example having 25 as minimum and want to enter 26 with typing. The value is coerced to 25. You can change the value using the buttons.

Provide another mode for validating the value, for example on lost focus, In this case typing will be allowed. 
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2023 13:00 by ADMIN
Release 5.0.1
Created by: Nico
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report
this is caused by this change in MAUI
at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.ImmutableBrush.OnParentChangingCore(Element oldParent, Element newParent)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Element.set_Parent(Element value)
   at Telerik.Maui.Controls.RadEntry.OnBorderBrushPropertyChanged(Object newValue)
   at Telerik.Maui.Controls.RadEntry.<>c.<.cctor>b__15_5(BindableObject b, Object o, Object n)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.BindableObject.SetValueCore(BindableProperty property, Object value, SetValueFlags attributes, SetValuePrivateFlags privateAttributes)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.BindableObject.SetValue(BindableProperty property, Object value, Boolean fromStyle, Boolean checkAccess)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Setter.Apply(BindableObject target, Boolean fromStyle)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Style.ApplyCore(BindableObject bindable, Style basedOn)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Style.Microsoft.Maui.Controls.IStyle.Apply(BindableObject bindable)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.MergedStyle.set_Style(IStyle value)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.BindableObject.SetValueCore(BindableProperty property, Object value, SetValueFlags attributes, SetValuePrivateFlags privateAttributes)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.BindingExpression.ApplyCore(Object sourceObject, BindableObject target, BindableProperty property, Boolean fromTarget)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.BindingExpression.Apply(Object sourceObject, BindableObject target, BindableProperty property)
   at Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Binding.<ApplyRelativeSourceBinding>d__27.MoveNext()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__128_0(Object state)
   at Microsoft.UI.Dispatching.DispatcherQueueSynchronizationContext.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<Post>b__0()