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Created by: Daniel
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Hi Team,

When I use a RadEntry or Entry in the RadListView, it is fine when rendering flat data. However, when the items are grouped, the app has a native WinUI unhandled exception (that needs a 2nd instance of VS2022 to catch).

The only way to stop it was to not use an entry-like control like a Label.

Here is code to reproduce it,  I've attached a runnable example


<ContentPage xmlns=""
        <telerikDataControls:RadListView x:Name="rulesListView"
                                         ItemsSource="{Binding Clients}"
                <telerikListView:PropertyGroupDescriptor PropertyName="Username" />
                        <!-- WORKS -->
                        <!--<Label Text="{Binding Username}" FontSize="14"/>-->
                        <!-- HARD CRASH -->
                        <telerik:RadEntry Text="{Binding Username}" FontSize="14" />


Version Note: The repro app is using UI for MAUI v0.9.0 because it was tested by Lance McCarthy with both 0.8.0 and 0.9.0 (this 0.9.0 was built on May 11th).

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Created by: SturmA
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Add DataForm for .NET MAUI component - it should provide validation and multiline text editor amongst the other editors.