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Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 14:38 by ADMIN
If a RadComboBox is used as an ItemTemplate for a ListView or CollectionView on MacCatalyst, the application crashes every time you attempt to open the dropdown with the following exception:

System.InvalidOperationException: Event registration is overwriting existing delegate. Either just use events or your own delegate: Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Handlers.Items.ReorderableItemsViewDelegator`2[Microsoft.Maui.Controls.ReorderableItemsView,Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Handlers.Items.ReorderableItemsViewController`1[Microsoft.Maui.Controls.ReorderableItemsView]] UIKit.UIScrollView+_UIScrollViewDelegate
   at UIKit.UIApplication.EnsureEventAndDelegateAreNotMismatched(Object del, Type expectedType)
   at UIKit.UIScrollView.EnsureUIScrollViewDelegate()
   at UIKit.UIScrollView.add_Scrolled(EventHandler value)
   at Telerik.Maui.Controls.RadPopup.SetPopupIsOpen(Boolean value)
   at Telerik.Maui.Controls.RadPopup.UpdatePopup()
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Programmatic item selection does not work from 6.3.0 version. It works in 6.2.0

When setting the SelectedItem programmatically, selection is not respected in the UI. 

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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 08:47 by ADMIN
There would be a blank space on the left side of DataGrid when the user keeps double clicking (editing) on different cells quickly.
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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 07:52 by ADMIN
Currently when a cell is edited, the underlying value is updated on every change, make it possible to update the underlying value when the edit is committed.
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Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 07:51 by ADMIN
I auto select the text in cell once the cell is in edit mode and SelectionOnFocus is set to SelectAll in the RadEntry element inside the CellEditTemplate. I have a timer that updates other columns value but not the value in the editable cell. Still the selection is lost when row data changes.  
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Created by: Jon
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Null Reference exception is thrown when using Native embedding.
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Created by: Tinus
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Dynamic change of the IsEnabled property of the RadDataGrid does not affect the RowDetails, leaving the UI inconsistent.

In my case, the RadDataGrid is disabled initially (IsEnabled=False). Some data is loaded in the DataGrid. At runtime I set the IsEnabled property of the DataGrid to true. I am then able to expand row details. The issue is that the view in the row details has the IsEnabled property set to false.