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Category: SideDrawer
Type: Bug Report
1. Open the drawer, the app being in portrait mode.

2. Seen that the background is faded out.

3. Change the orientation to landscape mode.

4. ISSUE- Seen that the fade is not covering the screen fully as per the landscape view.
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Provide an option to remove the area that looks like header and footer in the Drawer content. 
Last Updated: 18 Apr 2024 08:42 by Marc

Provide an option to change the overlay color:


Last Updated: 16 Apr 2024 11:28 by Michael
When changing the drawer length while the drawer is open, the length does not change, you need to close the drawer and when you open it again, the length applies as expected. 
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2024 08:17 by ADMIN
Release 6.8.0
when setting the TapOutsideToClose to False, so the main area to be active when drawer is opened, on WinUI the main area is not active. I have to close the drawer to interact with the main area.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2023 07:36 by Mauricio

Open SDK -> SideDrawer -> Getting Started example or ControlsSamples-> FirstLook example

the first time the drawer opens with the first tap on the button, but then it requires at least two taps to open it again.

In addition, the SideDrawer's Commands are not raised in Release on iOS.

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 11:38 by ADMIN
Release 5.1.0

when adding ComboBox inside the SideDrawer and setting ComboBox.IsEditable to false, the control is editable. 

This happens only when the control is inside SideDrawer.

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Release 5.1.0

When the control is added inside Grid star-sized Row, or directly to the page, the control does not fill into the page height and width. The behavior occurs only when project targets .NET 7

Use this code:


<ContentPage xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/dotnet/2021/maui"

    <telerik:RadSideDrawer x:Name="drawer" 
            <Grid BackgroundColor="LightBlue">
                <Label Text="Main content" />
            <VerticalStackLayout Spacing="10" BackgroundColor="LightCoral"
                                                Padding="10, 10, 0, 0">
                <Button Text="Mail"/>
                <Button Text="Calendar" />
                <Button Text="People" />
                <Button Text="Tasks" />


This is the result on Android:


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Category: SideDrawer
Type: Bug Report
Visual Studio's "Xaml Live Preview" is not working with SideDrawer control.
Last Updated: 18 Oct 2022 14:32 by ADMIN
Release 3.1.0

The Id of Opening does not fire the bound command.  This is on iOS only, Android does not suffer from this problem

        <telerik:RadSideDrawer DrawerLocation="Left"
                               Margin="{OnPlatform iOS='-1,0', Default='0'}"
                               IsOpen="{Binding MainDrawerOpen, Mode=OneWayToSource}"
                <telerik:SideDrawerUserCommand Id="Opening"
                                               Command="{Binding Source={x:Reference Home}, Path=DrawerOpeningCommand}" />

                <telerik:SideDrawerUserCommand Id="Closed"
                                               Command="{Binding Source={x:Reference Home}, Path=DrawerClosedCommand}" />
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Release 3.1.0
Created by: Sean
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Category: SideDrawer
Type: Feature Request
SideDrawer control does not expose DrawerOpening & DrawerClosing events.  The DrawerOpened & DrawerClosed are exposed though.