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The Id of Opening does not fire the bound command.  This is on iOS only, Android does not suffer from this problem

        <telerik:RadSideDrawer DrawerLocation="Left"
                               Margin="{OnPlatform iOS='-1,0', Default='0'}"
                               IsOpen="{Binding MainDrawerOpen, Mode=OneWayToSource}"
                <telerik:SideDrawerUserCommand Id="Opening"
                                               Command="{Binding Source={x:Reference Home}, Path=DrawerOpeningCommand}" />

                <telerik:SideDrawerUserCommand Id="Closed"
                                               Command="{Binding Source={x:Reference Home}, Path=DrawerClosedCommand}" />
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SideDrawer control does not expose DrawerOpening & DrawerClosing events.  The DrawerOpened & DrawerClosed are exposed though.