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when placing the control in ScrollView the pan gesture for navigation to another item does not work as expected. The CarouselView works as expected. 
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You cannot swipe along with the content when navigation to another item. You have to swipe outside of the content. Video is attached


Use the navigation buttons for navigating to another view.

    <telerik:RadSlideView x:Name="slideView"

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Why no EmptyView template?  The one thing missing between the RadSlideView and CarouselView is an EmptyTemplate definition. 
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Release 6.0.0
In Xamarin, I was able to create a List of various ContentViews all with their own data bindings and view models. I was able to use a Telerik SlideView bound to this list, and the SlideView would display each view and the bindings and commands would work, and each view’s ViewModel. This approach doesn't work in Maui.