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Release R1.2023-Increment.3(18.Jan.2023)
Created on: 05 Sep 2022 12:32
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
delete with virtual and grouping
The bug is related to calling multiple times the 'Create' action on Clicking 'Delete' button and could be reproduce with a Kendo sample:

I have updated the sample.
Steps to reproduce:
  1. The grid is configured to Virtual mode and add Groups.
  2. Expand a group
  3. Do NOT fetch all items in group, that's very Important!
  4. Click 'Delete' button
Result: I have debugged kendo code and found out that for each ''unfetched' row from the group, grid will take it as a 'new object' and will call 'Create' action for them.
'Create' actions are not called in case the group is fetched to the end and so all items are loaded!
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Posted on: 06 Sep 2022 09:53

Hello Arthur,

Thank you for your detailed report.  I was able to observe the reported behavior right away. 

Therefore I've converted the thread to a Bug Report and also created and linked an item in our public GitHub repo.

You can follow the issue at the Public Portal here and the one at the GitHub repo here.

Finally I have updated your Telerik points as token of appreciation for bringing the bug to our attention.

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