Last Updated: 29 Sep 2022 08:23 by ADMIN
Release R1.2023-Increment.1(09.Nov.2022)

Bug report

Incorrect id attribute is generated when the Value() configuration contains spaces. As a result a RadioButton component is not initialized.
This is a regression introduced with v2022.1.301

Reproduction of the problem

The following RadioButton definition:

@(Html.Kendo().RadioButton().Name("radioBtn1").Value("Value with spaces"))

generates an incorrect id attribute

<input id="radioBtn1_Value with spaces" name="radioBtn1" type="radio">
kendo.syncReady(function() {
    jQuery("#radioBtn1_Value with spaces").kendoRadioButton({
        "checked": false,
        "value": "Value with spaces"

Expected/desired behavior

A valid id attribute should be generated.




  • Kendo UI version: 2022.2.510
  • Browser: [all]