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Bug report

Using kendo.WidgetInstance method for the RadioGroup Component in Telerik UI for ASP .NET Core returns undefined.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Run this REPL and inspect the DevTools console.
  2. Compare with this Dojo for jQuery

Current behavior

kendo.WidgetInstance returns undefined when the id of a RadioGroup initialized using Telerik UI for Core is passed to it.

Expected/desired behavior

The kendo.WidgetInstance should return the client-side instance of the Component in Telerik UI for Core

TicketID: 1563950


  • Kendo UI version: 2022.1.412
Last Updated: 20 Apr 2021 11:28 by ADMIN
Created by: Akesh Gupta
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Category: RadioGroup
Type: Feature Request
Make possible for the RadioGroupFor helper to bind to int and GUID fields. Currently only binding to sting is possible.