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Release R1.2024-Increment.1(15.Nov.2023)
Created by: Kheng Aik
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Category: Pager
Type: Bug Report

### Bug report

When the Pager's width is less than 600px, both page number buttons and the "Page select" select element are visible.

### Reproduction of the problem

Dojo sample for reproduction:

### Expected/desired behavior

The page buttons must be hidden when the "Select page" dropdown (select element) is visible.

### Environment

* **Kendo UI version: 2023.2.829
* **jQuery version: 1.12.4
* **Browser: [all]

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Created by: Dan
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Category: Pager
Type: Feature Request
The Pager breaking points are hard coded, as stated in the documentation. Is it possible to provide an option to modify these three points (360px, 480px, and 600px)?