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Created by: David
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Category: ColorPicker
Type: Feature Request

When my company's users create a new "customer site" they upload the customer's logo and then choose some colours that will form the basis of theming for the customer's site.  In that way, a customer will 'feel' like they have their own branded experience when using 'their' website.

The colours are inevitably based on the customer's logo.  To use the colour picker component, I have to train my users to go to Paint, load the logo, choose the colour using the colour picker, go into the palette and 'copy the crazy 6-digit numbers that may contain letters of the alphabet that starts with a #' and paste that into the colour picker of our web site.

Rather, I would prefer if they could simply use an eyedropper from the ColorPicker component using functionality similar to https://imagecolorpicker.com/en  It would save training and greatly improve the useability of my website.

Can I put that forward as being a feature request?


Dave A