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The TabStrip Helper is sending a model to the TAB using the GET method and due to the large size of the model we are sending, the query string became to long and stopped working for some tabs. Can the TabStrip be set to use a POST method?

I see that this behavior is supported in Kendo UI for jQuery as proven by the POST request submitted in this Dojo sample.
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I use a Telerik TabStrip. I add an additional tab programmatically to show the users specific info from google.
When I open a page that is local to the website project IE the same Base URL, everything works fine, however when accessing the google page inside your tabstrip I get CORS Authentication errors.

I have overcome that elsewhere in my app with the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in the request. However the TabStrip's LoadFromContent Item configuration doesn't support that.

I'd like such an option to be available. 
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Please implement a client-side method to enable changes of the content-url property of the TabStrip dynamically after the Component has been initialized.
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For my project I need to load the content of multiples tabs simultaenously in an async way.

For now the "reload" existing method allow to load the content of a tab but it doesn't work in an async way. The reload methods freezes the screen until the content has been loaded.
Having a method to load the content of a tab in the background without stopping the main thread would be a huge add for this widget !

Hoping this feature will come out.

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I need vertical TabStrip with scrollable next and previous icons.

I noticed that previous and next options are not displaying for TabStrip in left tab position mode.
Although it works very well in top tab position mode.

The scrollable tabs functionality that displays scroll buttons on the left or the right side of the TabStrip is available only in "top" and "bottom" position. Its mentioned in below link:



In the sample

Here is the Dojo Sample attached:

https://dojo.telerik.com/opexUbEz/3 - Top Positioned Tabs (Arrow buttons are showing)

https://dojo.telerik.com/opexUbEz/4 - Left Positioned Tabs (Arrow buttons are not showing)


Please implement this feature ASAP. its business critical requirement.



Isha Chib

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 Could we please get tabstrip support for both a


and a


 to make it simpler, easier, and more elegant to load content into the tabs of a tabstrip?

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