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Created by: Bryan Patrick
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Category: Filter
Type: Bug Report

Bug report

Filter component operators are always rendered in the initial order, regardless of the specified order

Reproduction of the problem

This code:

.Fields(f =>
          f.Add(p=>p.FirstName).Operators(o =>
                o.String(n =>n
                    .Eq("Is equal to")
                    .Custom("john", c => c.Text("John").Handler("oddNumbersHandler"))

Renders to this:

Expected/desired behavior
The order of the operators shall be in the predefined order.

Kendo UI version: [all]
Browser: [all]

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Created by: Bryan Patrick
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Category: Filter
Type: Feature Request

Feature Enhancement
Expose Default Operator for Filter fields

Current behavior
Apart from setting FilterExpression to render filed with a certain operator, there is no option for setting a Default Operator for the fields

.FilterExpression(f =>
          f.Add(p => p.FirstName).Contains("Jeremy");

The above renders the Contains operator initially but if you change the field and return back to the FirstName field the operator is no longer Contains.

Expected/desired behavior
Default Operator for FIlter fields shall be exposed

Kendo UI version: all
Browser: al