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Created on: 18 Dec 2019 11:24
Category: PDFViewer
Type: Feature Request
PDFViewer - Scrolling improvements

1. Allow the elastic behavior of the PDFViewer's mobile scroller to be disabled. Currently, when scrolling to the top or to the bottom, the document jumps and then immediately re-adjusts its position under the widget's header/bottom border.

2. Add the ability to manually scroll the document up/down with mousedown.

3. Add keyboard scrolling support.

Viktor Tachev
Posted on: 26 Apr 2023 12:17


Thank you for the suggestions. They provide valuable feedback on what features are a good future fit for our components.

That said we prioritize the requests based on number of customer votes and also the impact for the component and regularly evaluate the requests when planning a future release.

Viktor Tachev
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Posted on: 19 Apr 2023 15:05
Add ability to display scrollbar. Many pdf documents are very long and by displaying the height at 100% sort of puts the user in a no-man's land when they are in the middle of the document and makes the webpage very vertically long (say if there are 15 pages in the pdf). A scrollbar that always is displayed (not a scrollbar that only displays on demand) allows the user to have an idea of where they are in the document. Remember, pdfs are used by many computer novices for all kinds of purposes. Not all are computer savvy.
Posted on: 19 Jan 2023 15:31
Yes it would be able to disable the bounce and maybe more importantly stop scrolling at the end of the Document.  Currently the user is allowed to scroll past the end of the document.  Thank.s
Posted on: 19 Aug 2022 08:16

Additional issue that could be improved: The scrollTop position is not always correct when zooming large PDF File. Steps to replicate:

1. Open the Dojo example

2. Import the attached PDF.

3. Click 'Go to the last page' and then click back 'Go to the first page'

4. Zoom in the pdf.

5. Start scrolling page by page to the end of the file

When the PDF file is zoomed the scrollTop position is different (screencast)

The scroller behavior needs to be improved in order for the scrollTop position to be easily accessed and to return the same value when the file is zoomed. 

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