Mark Ewer

code cleaning deletes js references

I love the code cleaning feature of JustCode, but I have found a problem with it. In Visual Studio you use a comment that starts with three slashes. But, if you turn on the code cleaning feature to introduce header text, it deletes all of the references! And, of course, this breaks the JavaScript IntelliSense.

So, I had this:

/// <reference path="../../Scripts/_references.js" />
/// <reference path="../app.js" />'use strict';
var menuCtrl = clippyApp.controller('menuCtrl');

but JustCode turned it into this when I chose the code cleaning option

var menuCtrl = clippyApp.controller('menuCtrl');

All of the <reference> lines where deleted from the file.
Problem by Mark Ewer Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-04-23T21:39:21 by Mark Ewer
Zdravko Branzov
Team Member

Add code coverage metrics in Just Codes test runner

As a user I would like to see code coverage metrics in the JustCode Test runner. If this information was available there would be no need for us to have multiple tools for the same purpose.
Feature Request by Zdravko Branzov Status: Reviewed Comments: 16 Last update: 2014-04-22T14:45:19 by Kevin McBrearty
Steven Saurini

Loss of visual studio context functionality in VB

The drop down menu on terms for JC comes up in the same place as the VS menu in Visual Basic. In some cases you loose the standard functionality. This doesn't seem to be an issue in C# as the menu comes up on the other side of the term.
Perhaps you can surface the standard vs options if you don't implement them in JC right on your context menu saving a bunch of time for me anyways.
Feedback by Steven Saurini Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2014-03-24T14:30:09 by Vladimir Dragoev
Grant Drury-Green

Test return exception

Good code red:
Line 354, "Unknown method 'Returns(?)' of 'bool'

349: [Test]
350: [ExpectedException]
351: public void DeleteAlertPreference_Test_When_Exception()
352: {
354: _alertPreferencesRepo.DeleteAlertPreference(Arg.Any<Alert>()).Returns(x => { throw new Exception(); });
356: var alertPreferencesService = new AlertPreferencesService(_alertPreferencesRepo, null);
358: alertPreferencesService.DeleteAlertPreference(GetAlert().AlertId);
360: }
Feedback by Grant Drury-Green Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2014-03-06T20:25:28 by Vladimir Dragoev
Siyka Marinova

Group by Traits in the Unit Test Window

I would like to be able to group unit tests by Traits and run a set of tests that have a specific trait. For example, in xUnit I can add a Trait attribute at test or at class level:

[Trait("Type", "ABC")]
public void Do_test_work()
Feature Request by Siyka Marinova Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2014-03-04T14:46:53 by Dan Gaier
Kiril Tsarnakliyski

Postfix Code Completion

I would love to see something like this - in JustCode
Feature Request by Kiril Tsarnakliyski Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-03-04T13:00:32 by Kiril Tsarnakliyski
Wiktor Miszuris

Integrate JustCode 2005/2008 with Telerik Control Panel

At the moment JustCode 2005/2008 (free version) is not integrated with Telerik Control Panel. So it is not updated automatically, as any other Telerik's library, but have to be manually maintained.

Why don't you guys add a separate product "JustCode 2005/2008" to Telerik Control Panel as a separate product, under "Free" section?
Idea by Wiktor Miszuris Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-02-27T07:17:39 by Wiktor Miszuris
Thorsten Wellnitz

Short cut to generate new guids

A feature to generate new guids with a short cut in Just Code would be nice and useful. In Resharper the shortcut is nguid.

Using the visual studio build in generation requires several clicks and the format is not always desired. The solution with an online generator is also not convenient.
Feature Request by Thorsten Wellnitz Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-02-26T17:00:30 by Thorsten Wellnitz
Jim Foster

Code Cleaning messes up Block Comments

Using code cleaning messes up block comments. A comment that looked like this (All asterisks lined up).

* It may not be obvious in this posting due to
* the fact that it is proportional spaced font and
* not mono-spaced font, but there is a space in
* front of this asterisk and the rest.

Turn into this (subsequent asterisks lined up under the first slash instead of the first asterisk).
* Leading spaces have been removed.
Problem by Jim Foster Status: In Development Comments: 1 Last update: 2014-02-17T12:31:02 by Borislav Kulov
Dan Avni

VB.NET GetHashCode fix

the GetHashCode code generated by JC could cause overflow in VB.NET. there are a lot of reports of this over the internet. the fix is to change the &Hffffffff value to &H7FFFFFFFL

this is the common fix all over the web and it works. I think JC should do this automatically
Problem by Dan Avni Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-02-10T08:27:56 by Dan Avni
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