Walden Leverich

Decompile Reference Assemblies just like non-reference assemblies on F12

Given that JustDecompile handles reference assemblies just fine, please enhance the decompilation in JustCode to decompile reference assemblies. Many times I am looking for a decompliation of a BCL method on an F12 and it takes me out of a nice development flow to have to go open JustDecompile and load the assembly and navigate to the right method when I was already there in the source editor.
Feature Request by Walden Leverich Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-07-24T15:11:01 by Walden Leverich
Ivan Spasov

Allow having more that one enum type inside Enums file

Do not show a warning for type does not matching file name if the type is an enum inside Enums file
Feature Request by Ivan Spasov Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-07-21T07:59:11 by Ivan Spasov
Ivan Spasov

Add abilility to convert fully quallified type to simple type

Consider the following example:
using MyNamespace;

class MyType
private MyNamespace.MyType _instance;

JustCode could provide a conversion (and a warning) from "private MyNamespace.MyType _instance;" to "private MyType _instance;"
Feature Request by Ivan Spasov Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-07-21T07:47:40 by Ivan Spasov

Ignore All Warnings in files in the same folder

Long story short; decided to work with a 3rd party JS library in a web project and there were tens of JS files provided by the 3rd party vendor.

However, as you might have already imagine, the syntax of the JS library's code itself does not match my settings in JustCode so they seems to be listed as "warnings". So far so good because this is one thing that JustCode really does well. However, I - naturally - don't want to change a 3rd party's code and just ignore all JS files and their code syntax by JustCode.

I think a further option under the "Ignore All Warnings" and "Ignore All Errors" options would be great. What comes to my mind is something like "Ignore All Warnings in files in the same folder". So, once that I click it, all other JS files would ignore all the warnings they have in themselves.

I don't think the same is necessary for "errors". If there is an error, someone has to take care of it, right. But if it is just a warning and if I don't care about the 3rd party's syntax problems, the option I mention could be a great time saver.

Trust me I had to go through 30-40 files, find a warning on each and say "ignore warnings on this file".
Feature Request by Coskun SUNALI Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2014-07-04T12:46:10 by Justin Buchanan
Deyan Varchev

Support for TypeScript

Recently Microsoft introduced TypeScript - http://www.typescriptlang.org/
It's a superset of JavaScript and already works fine in VS 2012.
It's open-source and even has a nice language spec. It will be great if JC supports it out of the box.
Feature Request by Deyan Varchev Status: In Development Comments: 1 Last update: 2014-06-30T01:20:52 by Daniel Maxwell
Paul Anderson

Redundant Class Summary Removal

I would like to see a list of classes I am not using then give me the option to remove them - just in case they are activated through configuration/reflection/injection etc. I cannot see anything in clean code, but you would need a list to confirm first.

Feedback by Paul Anderson Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-06-29T09:27:29 by Paul Anderson
Greg Ebert

Clean Code: Force Explicit / Implicit Types

I would like to configure code cleanup to force all type declarations into either implicit or explicit type declarations wherever possible. I don't know that I can describe this feature any further- it's fairly straightforward.
Feature Request by Greg Ebert Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-06-24T12:35:48 by Greg Ebert
Siyka Marinova

Group by Traits in the Unit Test Window

I would like to be able to group unit tests by Traits and run a set of tests that have a specific trait. For example, in xUnit I can add a Trait attribute at test or at class level:

[Trait("Type", "ABC")]
public void Do_test_work()
Feature Request by Siyka Marinova Status: New Comments: 2 Last update: 2014-06-19T14:36:53 by Sean Greenberg
?????? ?????????

Do you plan to add C/C++ support?

C++ support will be really helpful for mixed solutions with C++ & C# projects since they are a common scenario in modern Windows 8 development.
Feature Request by ?????? ????????? Status: Reviewed Comments: 3 Last update: 2014-06-19T13:42:47 by Brian Womack
Jonny Bergdahl

Check visibility of manually defined control properties in ASP.NET WebForms pages

If you manually type control properties in the code behind file it is easy to forget to set the property access modifier. At runtime, this leads to an object reference not set error, so it would be very useful if JustCode could find this error during design time.

Checkbox MyCheckbox;

This is the same as:
private CheckBox MyCheckBox;

Both of the above gives the runtime error.

Minimum access modifier required by ASP.NET is protected.

Feature Request by Jonny Bergdahl Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-06-10T07:38:31 by Jonny Bergdahl
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