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New MAUI Control - RadMediaPicker

Progress/Telerik --

I would like Telerik to extend the Microsoft .NET MAUI MediaPicker control to support the selection of MULTIPLE Photos and/or Videos from the Image Gallery.

I believe this is a reasonably standard scenario for use cases where the user takes multiple Photos or Videos with the Camera and then would like to upload them to a server for storage in a web app and database.

The current Microsoft MediaPicker supports the selection of a SINGLE item only.

.NET MAUI - Platform Integration - Media - Photos and Videos

And while there are several GitHub libraries that have done this for Xamarin.Forms (and rely on Xamarin.Essentials), they are either archived or not updated in a timely manner like a 3rd Party - Paid For - Control would be.

Even Telerik/Progress has recently done a Blog Post on how to use the Microsoft Control - Leomaris Reyes published this:

Getting Started with the Media Picker in .NET MAUI

Also, I believe this Feature Request is asking for the same feature:


Now, for me personally, I only need multiple image selection.  So, if that's easier without the support for the other pieces, I would be happy.  To be complete, I'm thinking others would need to select multiple videos.

From Ms. Reyes Blog Post....

private async void TakePhoto(object sender, EventArgs e)
  FileResult photo = await MediaPicker.Default.PickPhotoAsync(new MediaPickerOptions
    Title = "Select your photo"
  // Here, add the code that is being explained in the next step.

The new control would have something like this:

private async void TakePhoto(object sender, EventArgs e)
  IEnumerable<FileResult> photos = await RadMediaPicker.PickPhotosAsync(new MediaPickerOptions
    Title = "Select your photos"
  // Here, add the code to loop through and process the selected images


Please let me know if you require additional information.

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Posted on: 21 Mar 2024 08:59

Hello Dennis,

Thank you for the detailed feature request.

I have updated its status to "Unplanned" -  we're going to track the demand and will consider such kind of a media picker control accordingly.

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