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Release 7.0.0 (2024 Q2)
Created on: 13 Mar 2024 07:37
Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report
NumericInput: Value with bound StringFormat is not displayed in the correct format

When binding StringFormat to a NumericInput and the Format is set (or changed) after the value is set, the value is not displayed in the correct format. Only if you click inside the NumericInput and then leave it, the value is displayed with the correct format. But that’s not working for a read-only NumericInput.

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Posted on: 14 Mar 2024 07:09

Hi Ernst,

Thank you for reporting this issue, it's a valid bug report of the NumericInput control, so I've updated its status to "Unplanned".

Please follow the feedback item to get email notification as soon as there is any progress on it.

I've updated your points for bringing this to our attention.

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