Last Updated: 02 Dec 2023 13:49 by Karsten
Created on: 16 Nov 2023 14:29
Category: TimePicker
Type: Feature Request
TimePicker: Provide a way to detect if the selector is shown
Provide a way to detect when the selector (popup or dropdown) is toggled - can be useful in cases when the Time property is updated from code-behind to suppress the update in case the selector is shown.
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Posted on: 02 Dec 2023 13:49

To Clarify: at the moment we have the DateTime bound to a property in the model. This updates periodically to provide a reasonable default. This update automatically updates the display in the TimePicker control, which is great.

However if we open the Timepicker popup, and then the bound property changes, then not only the displayed value in the control changes (which is fine), but also the value the user has selected in the picker as well! That's confusing for the user and has the risk that the value might change right in the moment when the user clicks the select button.

My view: Selecting a different entry in the picker popup does not update the bound value immediately (until Ok is cliked) and in the same way updating the bound value should not update the picker position.

Workaround: as long as this behaviour exists we can update the time via code beind instead of bound property. Then  we have to detect if selector is shown and only update the value if not. At the moment we can't detect that.